Are you protected for a medical emergency outside the province?

Whether you are travelling outside the province or out of the country for a few days or a few months you need the protection of out of province travel insurance.  The purchase of out of province travel insurance gives you the peace of mind to enjoy travelling without the worry of what a medical emergency would cost.  

Is the cost of your travel arrangements fully protected?

Travel can be expensive and many travel arrangements are non refundable. Can you afford to forfeit your travel costs?  

No one expects to have a medical emergency while travelling or to have to cancel a trip due to an unforeseeable emergency.  But these events happen and they can not only be disruptive but very expensive.  Travel insurance can help protect you and your wallet.  

There are many different levels of coverage and types of coverage.  Make sure you are covered! 

Let us help you make the right choice based on your needs. Call our travel professionals, visit our office or click the picture below for a quote and to book directly. 

                                                             Don't Leave Home Without Insurance! 

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